It was a dull grey night, you came up
Moss scent on your hair
Your eyes were blue
When you talk
blue whale sings in your voice
Mysterious secret beauty
which I can't get enough 
When you smile
the bottomless well of the ocean in your eyes 
which I don't have the heart to drown in
A deep blue
inside the blue
Since that day I have been a seagull on air, a fish in the water
My kinship with the sea birds has begun with you
In an autumn evening
In fact, the seagulls are addicted to the blue
on the other hand the cormorants to the deep blue
and they feed from time to time

Özer Genç  (1953 Istanbul/Turkey)
He hails from a folk music and dance family. He has participated in events at various institutions and folklore festivals. His interests are poetry, fiction and drama and his works have been published in various magazines.