Few lines written on a sojourn to countryside

The sprawling fields green came open
To us once we moved through the forest
Cottages that stood in the day's flame
Looked like perfect places to rest,
The rhythmic beats of drum
Filtered through foliage thick
And as they to us did come
We thought what that music was,
And then the day gradually waned
As wane our minds and limbs
We thought of all that had been profaned
And basked in light as it seems,
Then we felt the silence of those ageless trees
and the breeze running through them with ease.


A letter from Solan

How many times have I thought to write
A letter to you,
A really long one filled with all the 
flavours and smell
That came one after another to me
As I went touring from one place to another,
it seemed speeding  like trains

Hurrying, having its own rhythm;
I peered out of the windows of flowing time,
like a 
wonder-struck one,
Trees went past,
So also hills and valleys,
And rivers too,
I found them all singing for me
And for you too;
At that little station of Solan
When we stopped for a while,
Got down with what desire know not I,
But those sights,
They wrapped me with curious blessed feel,
At one point thought
I should leave all my bags and baggage there on the loco
And just stay back,
Right there,
But you,
Your face came like call of home.

One day of Spring

If it is that splendid one
Of a day of spring 
I would take the light of dawn
And take within 
All that smell and fragrance 
Of flowers drenched hap
I would get the perennial sense
Of earth's beauteous lap 
And be truly jocund 
By the sights and sounds 
I would build my own land
Out of usual bounds,
There would I train my eyes
My ears and my heart
There would I with mirth lie
On the blessed earth,
And think and sing more
Of spring as she arrives
I would more poems pour
Taking a plunge, a dive,
And you might think what it is 
That creates such a pleasure dome
I would just ask you to sit
And gather dreams there some
Which could make all merry 
And fill all with love true 
I would ask you not to hurry 
But just to get that hue 
Of the season's awesome presence 
Its overwhelming cue 
I would just lend that sense 
Which beats that blue in you
And makes you admire 
How life with spring gets gay 
I would light that fire 
of love of a blissful day.

I dreamt that I stood in a valley

 I dreamt that I stood in a valley one night
The sky fell on my shoulders with her light
The stars and other celestial things
They glittered quiet, in my heart they did sing
Of life and its wonder as spread far and wide
I stood there complete, taken over by the sight
As if again am I made to feel and hear
How all things have place right there
In thy bosom, thy overwhelming beauty,
How under the canopy of sky  I saw thee,

From far how came the songs of silence
Carried by ether, through the woods dense,
As if that song had been there all night and day
For us to hear it and be glad by that lay,

I stood in the valley and I dreamt of thee
One morning filled with that same calm and glee
The sky then was filled with songs too
Mellifluous, touching me by its blue, 
I spread my arms like a winged one
I dreamt of thee again that beautiful morn
And songs came to my mouth, my lips 
They touched right there where thy beauty I keep,
And made me to just stand there quite amazed
I dreamt of thee in the morning's blaze,

I stood in the valley and dreamt of thee
And I dreamt that thou stood before me.