Who Was I?

Was I your child left to die?
Or was I like your stomach or your liver?
One of those things you don’t like to talk about, but you can’t live without
Or was I just one of those things that happens
Like eating breakfast in the morning
Or the first person you kissed

Everybody’s Hungry

Some days 
Like today 
Everybody’s hungry
Everyone keeps saying 
“I can’t believe I’m still hungry”
“Didn’t I just eat?”
Everywhere I go people are still hungry 
They can’t seem to get enough to eat

Some days
Like yesterday
People go about their day-to-day lives with a look of raw hunger 
They can’t get enough food to feel satisfied
And on those days
Like yesterday
I feel happy

The Last Strong Man in America

I saw the last strong man in America riding the bus downtown
Wearing clothes of his home country
Speaking Spanish and reading English

I saw the last strong man in America in a bar room
Drinking whiskey
to forget all the weak men
Who keep telling him he’s in love

I saw the last strong man in America playing in a rock band
Trying not to look at the girls who want to play ping-pong with his testicles
I saw him washed up and dry
With microscopes for eyes
Buttons for nipples
Carrying rocks and drinking wine
Selling Cuban cigars to the Russians


Why We Drink and What Happens when We do

Morning hits us with the force of an arrow
Deep and bleeding
We feel like punching the air, pulling things apart
These cold clumsy days that turn into nights
Somehow deep in our hearts we know
We never asked for this


Honey is sticky like the arms of a lover
Deep in sex
That’s why we call each other honey