Toothbrushing is one of the most
self-absorbing work I do every day
and no, it is not about you.
I take a moderate amount of toothpaste,
Colgate Sensitive Original, on my toothbrush,
Oral B. I don’t know what ‘B’ stands for
but I know about sensitivity and originality.
Sometimes, I stretch this morning job
for some length of time and no, it’s not
about me thinking about you all the while.
I massage my gums, my teeth, interstices
and my broken down bad tooth. And then
I discover the tongue cleaner on the other side
of the toothbrush. I clean all lingering taste
of the previous day extant on my tongue
and all lingering aftertaste too.


So I buy this incredible telescope.
It brings things closer.
I focus it on the moon
and it comes closer.
I focus it on the stars
and see grandma there.
Then I focus it on you
but you don’t come any closer.
So I realise
that the telescope
is not incredible after all,
it is just our eyes.

Lost Object

I have lived with your loss,
said the object I lost.
I have lived without your
familiar touch, care,
love and possessiveness.
I have lived abandoned,
desecrated, left alone
like a child without childhood.
I have lived on that side
of your forgetfulness
where the wounds of history
rupture into a sore.
I have lived with the others,
with the label ‘owners lost’,
in the nook of a cupboard
of the school you have left.
When you wake from your sleep,
I sleep with your missing dream,
illicit in your mind
like a whore of the night.


At the fourth avenue
of a long road, I get
run over by a car
and die a sudden death.
How fortunate that now
I can enter your door
without knocking and see
you feeding your children
breakfast of happiness.
Later you fill patience
into bottles of days
that I had abandoned
illicit in your head.
You try to dust off things
that you think I have kept
in your mind’s cabinets
but you don’t seem to know
what is gone, what is left.
In this world no one dies,
they all live as undead.

Your Mandatory Haircut Selfie

From your mandatory
haircut selfie

your eyes meet me.
A chain with a pendant

run over your collar
bone. Blue and white

flecks on your T.
There is so much to look

at but there is so much
I cannot see.