I would have dipped
into the void if only
to touch you but once

Fire and Brimstone
never shook the foundation
of my love for you

I would have spoken
to the wind
but the stars in your eyes 
caught my tongue

Heaven is just an 
overrated word
When I see your

The pursuit of Joy

The crimson stains
of a blood once filled
with power
Has regurgitated onto
the floor of regret
The platelets drip
into the sewer of
identity crises
The platelets drip
into the mouth
of syphilitic vampires
Mountains are moved
daily while Sisyphus
struggles with one rock
At the bottom of the hill
is where all life begins
and ends



I’ve been a lot of things
in my short life

From caretaker for my parents
and a high school dropout

From a college honor student
and a best friend

From a mentor
to a person being mentored

From politically ignorant
to a full blown protester 

I’ve gone from denial
to being openly gay

I’ve been a criminal
and now own a business

I’ve gone from mental health patient
to mental health advocate

Life is a journey in which
we learn and grow from
each experience

I’ve been a lot of things,
ashamed was never one 
of them. 

While we Bleed

Leaves of parishioners
fall into the newly moistened
soil of avarice
While we bleed

Molten migrants
mitigate in a minutiae 
of Mormonism
While we bleed

Buddhists of Beltane 
arrive in bliss while staring
at the crack in the wall
that is humanity,
while we bleed

Religious sentiments
fall from the lips of Saints
while we bleed,

While we bleed...