This loneliness

This maddening, deafening, saddening, threatening, strickening loneliness..

This long dark path that i am walking on … don’t know since when and don’t know how long..

this constant companion.. sometimes friend sometimes enemy, defending yet offending, protecting yet crippling..

i see the wonders of this world and yet they no longer amaze me..

i hear the music but it never makes my heart sing..

i hear the rhythms.. but they don’t make me dance..

i feel the love.. but it doesn’t make me smile...

i know ..... i know.. it is all out there...

but i can’t reach it..

Why? How?

What is that invisible shield

that separates me..


frightens me ..


threatens me..

to never leave my shell?

Please let me go back

To my shell

Let me be free!!