Am I to bid you farewell, tell?

And your times are nearing now?
My gentle giant, my life long friend!
Playing under, picking red fruits while
listening unseen parrots chirping
fresh still in mind, indelible

Wide trunk cuddling
tiny shrine, powerful
deity protecting
whole village folks!
April full moon festive day,
starts with fasting to end with feast.
Born of something
smaller than fish egg,
dispersed by bird!
Grew and grew and expanded
till give shade enough
for village whole!
Who would’ve seen you
as sapling-
Tender, slender, dependent
on foster parent, Palmyra?
Till you lengthen, and
Take roots down?
My father? Never.
His father? Neither.
Great grand father,
Doubtful, too.
Perhaps his father?
May be, true.

A marvel, a wonder!
Witnessed history flowing down
your lush canopy, cool and fine!
Have you seen the Portuguese?
How Dutch were galloping past
tanned and burnt in alien sun,
that changed red earth ember at noon?
English, then? Reasonable?
Ruled an era so peaceful.
Seen no parallel in near past.
then first election…
Sand lanes tarred and
roads earned names.
Buses plied; their colors
changed fast. Yes!
Came then so called
Made them chop off
your arms low!
Passed times brought
Power, the almighty!
High towers, three phase!
Half the green mount
vanished by then!
Times turned round.

No power, no bus, instead then
planes and shells flew past lot
daily for a three decades,
By then you well concealed
a bunker down, camouflaged.
Saved lives of many innocent!
Came then times for all sounds cease.
Things turned back, to ‘normal’!
Floods too filled pit, made level it!
Then had I time to gaze at top.
There remained branches, but little
only to host pest, Loranthus!

Mountain turned mound!
Pity, the thing that most saddest
not your fate, but simple;
It’s our folks’ foolishness!
But, you and I weren’t the only ones!
Hopkins and Aspens were before us!