THE WAGON MAGAZINE is a literary magazine, published monthly from Chennai, India. It is a print magazine but it has a digital platform where all the earlier editions are archived. Creative literary works in poetry, prose, Non-fiction, Novel and book excerpts and reviews are always welcome. We also accept translations and it is the translator’s responsibility to secure proper rights from the original author before submitting.

We are not affiliated with a particular literary school or movement; we take what we feel worth publishing.

We welcome submissions year-round.

We seek that which is at once original and personal. When choosing work to submit, be certain that what you have created could only have come from you.

We do not consider work that has appeared elsewhere, either in print or in any possible medium.

Please avoid multiple submissions. Simultaneous submissions are fine.

Please wait four months before submitting again.

Copyright reverts to the author automatically after publication both in print and in the web. Published works will be archived on-line.

Poetry can be submitted up to five poems at a time.

There is no restraint in the number of words or pages in all sorts of prose formats.

Please intimate and withdraw your work from consideration if it has been accepted elsewhere. A brief bio and a photograph should accompany all submissions, please.

Please submit your material only through: