About us

The Wagon Magazine, a monthly, published in both print and digital versions, aims to locate vibrant voices in the literary wild and dedicated to publishing ‘global’ literature, theatre and art.

We want to bridge the gap between the literary works of various countries and regions of the world which otherwise remain as sprinkled mustard seeds, unnoticed, unshared and disconnected… As literature in any part of the world reflects the particular society and its indigenous culture, we at TWM feel that it is a must to get connected. TWM aims to bring all these in one platform and share.

As founder, I look for dedication and collaboration. Please get connected. TWM is a global platform for Literature of all genres. The Wagon magazine will highlight the long multicultural history which is embedded at the heart of literature in English and constitute the body of contemporary modern writing.

We welcome the new bunch looking for a space to get launched along with the canonized.